To foster entrepreneurship and stimulate technology and business innovation are great actions to induce a region’s economic development. In addition, the approach by means of setting up Technology Parks facilitates the establishment of such innovation environments.

The challenge of training entrepreneurs that can lead the process of establishing technology-based companies represents an important link in these environments’ framework. This is the reason why the entrepreneurs’ qualification and level of preparedness to receive investments remains a major concern.

An enterprise is clearly consolidated not only by the its ideas’ strength and creativity. It is not enough to undertake an enterprise, it takes experience, knowledge and guidance, which are as important as the capital to start a new business.

Mindful of this and aiming at increasing its participation and contribution in this environment, the Instituto Brasília de Tecnologia e Inovação - IBTI developed the JumpStart project: its Business Incubator. Our goal is to add value to the entrepreneurial environment within the Technological Park of Brasília and, consequently, of the Federal District and its surroundings